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Onward, Towards Tomorrow!

I've seen a nice spike on my web site, since the conference. Unfortunately, I've also realized that it's badly out of date. Yeah. I've been a bit busy lately.

I'll try to update things this week. That includes updating the list of Apps I've worked on (and probably breaking them out into their own Gallery page to make them easier to find). Also, new content! I've got a lot of little things I want to write up, but just haven't had the time. 

I need to play a bit of catchup. I'm supposed to be moving on or before November 23rd--I haven't turned on the electricity or gas at the new house yet--or scheduled the movers. Again, I've been busy. But new stuff should begin arriving on the site in days (not weeks or months).

Until then, the iOS 5 book has appeared on Amazon. Peach Pit has also released the Objective-C ebook for both the Kindle and iBook. I'm rapidly reviewing the chapters as layout finishes them, in an attempt to get this thing out ASAP.