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Sprite Kit Demo Code

I finally had a chance to clean up the code from my Sprite Kit presentation at MacTech Conf 2013.

The code can be found here:

Sorry for the delay.


MacTech Conference 2013

Hey all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that MacTech Conf has their Super Early Bird pricing until August 15th.

I'll  be speaking again this year. Actually I'll be speaking and running a pre-conference workshop.

I'm running the Adding iCloud Syncing to your App lab. It will be a hands-on lab, where we will implement various types of iCloud syncing: Key-Value syncing, Document syncing and even the dreaded iCloud syncing. I'm putting the new iOS 7 beta through it's paces as I work on the second edition of my book--so I should have lots of new information to share.

I'll also be doing a presentation on Sprite Kit. I feel like this is really bringing everything full circle. I wrote an article on using Cocos 2D for MacTech Magazine several years ago. That article lead to my first freelance gig. Which lead to me switching to full-time iOS development. Which lead to my book. All of which lead to me talking about 2D game engines again.

I hope to see you there.