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Talking Mountain Lion and Storyboards on iDeveloper Live

I was lucky enough to be on Scotty and John's wonderful iDeveloper Live podcast this monday. Unfortunately, I was so sick this week that I both forgot to announce it, and I forgot to check back and see when the show was posted. Anyway, it's available now.  You can downlaod the audio here

I was orignally scheduled to talk about Storyboards, but we ended up spending the first half of the show discussing Mountain Lion. It was a great conversation, despite being heavily caffeinated to compensate for illnesses.


My iDeveloper Live Appearance

My interview on iDeveloper Live has been available for download for a couple of days now. If you want it, you can get it here. Or just subscribe to the podcast. It always has great information.

We talked about iCloud. I hope it didn't come across as too negative. I honestly believe more developers should be trying to incorporate iCloud syncing into their apps. Yes, it's a bit overly complex, but it's not that hard.

Honestly, I think iCloud is getting a bit of a bad reputation, and I think this is largely undeserved. A lot of the bugs that people are experiencing are probably actually developer errors. Yes, it could use better documentation (that's why you should buy my book). And, I wouldn't say it's issue free--but most of the problems can be easily worked around.