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Source Code Now Available, More Bonus Chapters Coming Soon

Creating iOS Apps: Develop and Design, Second Edition is now availble!

The souce code is up. You can find it here.

The Objective-C bonus chapter is also available here. 90-pages of Objectctive-C goodness for free! If you're new to iOS development, I highly recommend downloading and reading this bonus chapter first.

More bonus chapters are coming. I'll post them when they become available.


Creating iOS Apps: Develop and Design Released on Monday, November 25th!

Looks like Creating iOS Apps: Develop and Design will be available on Monday, November 25th! It will be released in both ebook and dead-tree formats, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon, Peachpit and iTunes:

To celebrate, I'll be giving away 5 free copies of the ebook. Leave a comment below. Monday at 12:00 EST (or shortly thereafter) I will randomly select 5 people from the commenters.

You don't need to log in with your email address, but please leave me some way to contact you (twitter, g+, email, whatever). If I cannot contact you, you cannot win.

Also, please contact me if you have trouble leaving a contact for any reason.

Good luck!


Objective-C Chapter Available Online

I've got good news, bad news and good news again.

Let's start with the good news. Creating iOS Apps: Develop and Design, Second Edition is done! The final layout wrapped up last week, and the files are on their way to the printer.

The book has been completely rewritten for iOS 7. It focuses on modern, best practices like Storyboards, ARC and Auto Layout. It was also designed with iOS 7's new UI paradigm in mind--creating clean, content-focused interfaces that emphasize animation over ornamentation. This includes a detailed exploration of many of iOS 7's new features, like custom transitions, interactive transitions, UIMotionEffects and UIKit dynamics.

The book should be released on November 25th. I'll post links as soon as it shows up on Amazon, iTunes and other online stores.

Now for the bad news. I wrote too much. We couldn't possibly fit everythign in the book. That means a few sections had to be cut, including the entire Objetive-C Chapter.

The good news is that I will make all of these sections available here for free, starting with the Objective-C Chapter.

The Objective-C Bonus Chapter is 91 pages long. It covers everything from the language's fundamental building blocks to the design patterns used in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. It also includes all the new additions to Objective-C, like instancetype, literal syntax and subscript notation, and 64-bit support.

The file is available in both print and screen resolutions. You can download them here:

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