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Ho Ho Ho! (Merry Christmas, a bit early)

The last bonus chapter is finally complete. Other Tools of the Trade looks at source control, unit tests (including the new XCTest framework and setting up Bots), profiling with Instruments, and debugging.

All the information has been updated for iOS 7 and Xcode 5. It's 35 pages, and it's free! You can download it here.


Two new bonus chapters, available NOW!

I have just posted two additional bonus chapters.

"State Persistence and Restoration" covers recording the current state of the application's user interface, so we can restart the application exactly where the user left off. This chapter includes source code and instructions for the book's Health Beat project. It was originally written for end of chapter 6, but the sample code should be useable any time after that chapter.

"An Overview of iOS Notification Techniques" covers all the different methods for passing notifications around an iOS application, from direct messages and delegates to sending messages down object hierarchies and using the NSNotificationCenter. Here, I briefly describe each technique and list its major advantages and disadvantages.

Both PDFs are available for free. Please check them out.



Bonus Chapters Now Up

I've just posted two bonus chapters for Creating iOS 5 Apps.

I originally wrote these as part of the book, but they simply wouldn't fit. Still, I think they have some very useful information.

Bonus Chapter A contains information on developing apps specifically for the iPad. Then it walks through converting the Health Beat application into a Universal app, letting it run on both the iPhone and the iPad.

Bonus Chapter B describes some of the other development tools, giving details on their use and some of the lesser known features. Specifically, it covers Xcode's built-in source control features, the debugger, unit tests and Instruments.

Take a look at the chapters and let me know what you think. They should give you a good idea of the writing style and content in the rest of the book.

The rest of the book should be coming out in December (makes a great stocking stuffer). The Amazon pre-order page says December 26th, but I thought it was coming out before then, around the 13th. I'll double check on that and post an update.