Two new bonus chapters, available NOW!
Monday, December 9, 2013 at 3:00PM
Richard Warren in Bonus Chapters, Book, Creating iOS Apps, iOS 7

I have just posted two additional bonus chapters.

"State Persistence and Restoration" covers recording the current state of the application's user interface, so we can restart the application exactly where the user left off. This chapter includes source code and instructions for the book's Health Beat project. It was originally written for end of chapter 6, but the sample code should be useable any time after that chapter.

"An Overview of iOS Notification Techniques" covers all the different methods for passing notifications around an iOS application, from direct messages and delegates to sending messages down object hierarchies and using the NSNotificationCenter. Here, I briefly describe each technique and list its major advantages and disadvantages.

Both PDFs are available for free. Please check them out.


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