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Creating iOS Apps: Develop and Design, Second Edition is out and available at these sites:

Like the first edition, this book focuses on building a complete application, from initial design to an App Store-ready product. Unfortunately, iOS Development is a huge topic, and I cannot cover everything; therefore, I focused heavily on the new APIs and best practices for iOS 7, including Storyboards, Auto Layout, Dynamic Type, custom transitions, UIDynamics and more.

While the format and the project are similar to the first edition, I have completely rewritten most of the content to take into account changes in the API, changes in Objective-C and changes in how these technologies are used.

Also, I wrote a considerable amount of information that just couldn't fit into the book, including a 90-page chapter on Objective-C. Please check out the bonus chapters for free PDFs of everything that we couldn't fit into the book.

Finally, if you have any questions, or if you just want to discuss iOS development (or software engineering in general), stop by the book's forum.